RISE Recruiting Services Toronto

RISE Recruiting Services, 66 Wellington St. W., PO 1077 Toronto Dominion, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5K 1A0
Tel. 416.201.8980, Email: info@rise-recruiting.com , Web: www.rise-recruiting.com

About Us

RISE Recruiting is a professional recruiting and staffing firm focused on finding the best matches for clients in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond. We do so by using proven search and recruitment methods to obtain candidates across a variety of industries.

Our candidates are drawn from a network of industry professionals who trust us to refer their colleagues and coworkers. We additionally draw on a sizable database of candidates that is always increasing. Our team has built a solid relationship and reputation in the Japan / Canada and Canada / Asia community for over 10 years and we draw on this network to find the best fits for our clients.

Many talented people are already working for your competitors. RISE Recruiting makes it our priority to identify and build relationships with these professionals, advising them of our clients' employment opportunities.


We build solid relationships with our clients, and we know how to help you grow by adding the right candidates to your team.